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Uh, yes, Hello. by Chase-san


Sorta over the years it has been my job to shuffle into the daylight reassure people that Tolka isn’t dead, and relay any possible going ons after a sudden drop in activity here at New World.

My messenger tells me Tolka was last online 3 weeks ago. I had last spoke to him on Mon, May 17th at 8:35 pm. I have tried contacting him twice since then with no response (I try to give him his space). I assume since the site has not gone down, that he is still alive, since he handles paying for it (usually, I have payed for it once a few years ago).

“Meanwhile we thank you for your patience. The cabin crew will shortly be serving coffee and biscuits again.”

not dead by Tolka


for those not reading the comments on the comic there.  comic pages resume on Monday.   It’s taken longer for me to get things together and my other work caught up then I had planed on.  but I’m almost there.

sorry, time crunch by Tolka


I really REALLY needed my time this weekend.  and, frankly,  still do today.  so I’m afraid there will be a delay (best case) on the spiderwebs page this week.

I apologize immensely.

next page delayed slightly. by Tolka


afraid to say it.  but due to a technical hiccup and frustrated attitude.  I am having a hard time getting this next page finished tonight.     so rather then forceing myself and ending up hateing the result.  I’m going to sleep on it and finish it tomorow.

so look for it then,  I will try to get it up on the early side.

I hate having to resort to this,  but I really can’t avoid it this time.

next page! by Tolka


I’m going to,  due to how busy this weekend will be for me.   going to have to call this week a wash,   and just post two pages next week.    Monday and Friday.

I apologize.

next page delayed. by Tolka


because I fail.

not really, I’m just stuck on writing and don’t think I’m ready just yet.   it’ll be done in a few days.

useing deviant art again. by Tolka


I’ve been posting some of the pictures drawn on ustream on deviant art now.    if anyone wants to take a look at the sort of stuff I’ve been up to in there.

like this, which I finished last night.


ustream tonight by Tolka


I will be drawing live tonight,   there’s a new page with the video feed and chat room at the top there now if you click drawing LIVE!

I actually know what I’m doing for the next page so yes,  I will actually make progress this time.



hopefully.   if all goes well next page will be up tomorrow.   I should be starting around 7:00 est.

well, that was fail by Tolka


last nights u stream attempt didn’t go so well.    had some nasty writers block that I’m still working through,  but I had ideas this morning.

so I’ll be trying again tonight,  and hopefully not have the page be tooooo late.

I’m also thinking about adding a live drawing sub page,  and finding some other way to notify when I’m on there to cut down on the news spam.  especially since I’m hoping to step up page production in the near future.

ustream tonight. by Tolka


I’ll be starting in about an hour…   well starting drawing anyway,  I may be streaming doing who knows until then.

I still have no sure idea of what the next page will work. <.< is the link.

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