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Commissions are CLOSED until I get caught up.


  • All prices are based on average time spent.  actual cost may very depending on the complexity of the request.
  • Digitally inked and colored single character image with simple background are -15$



  • Requests with multiple characters or complex backgrounds  – 30$ and up



  • Sequences, comics, and animations are also available.


  • Images are produced for personal use, not commercial use.   You are not allowed to reproduce or modify any commission with the intent to profit without my permission first.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason.


To request a commission there are a few ways.

  • IM me.  you can reach me on AIM at tokalafox,   yahoo at tokalafox, and skype at tolka_arts.
  • Ustream chat.   most nights from 8 till 11(pm) I am drawing live on ustream.   you can reach me then, and I may even draw it live, right then and there.
  • Deviant art. you can message me there.
  • e-mail me at commission (at)

Payments will be through PayPal.   all work is digital,   and will be sent after payment is received.

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