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01/30/2003 by Tolka

This is the first page of my first real attempt at a comic. It got it’s start on the bob and George forums so very long ago or so it seems now. This page was probably created before the post date, but I can no longer recall the exact date.


This comic, at this point, is on semi permanent hiatus. I just lost interest for the story. Unfortunately it means this story never had it’s proper end. It is something I may remedy eventually, but I wouldn’t count on it being soon.


My current comic project is Spiderwebs. Which you can find here.

Going Live by Chase-san

The plan is to go live monday or tuesday the week of August 9th. Hopefully I will have everything ready by that time, if not well, hopefully it will be ‘mostly’ done by that time. :)

Almost there by Chase-san

Just a few more tweaks and everything should be ready to go for the new site. We have a few site issues and are missing some content but otherwise the design is shaping up pretty nicely.

The new site is now up! by Tolka

Still a few things to do and add still. But the core of it is all set to go. I would like a applaud Chase for getting this all together for me. It’s a huge help.

Some stuff has been moved around but I do hope everything in the layout makes sense so far. Be sure to let us know what you think of it. Comics will be returning to, what I hope will be, regular updates on the 17th, at which point I should be a bit ahead on pages. Which will help.

You may notice the rather large blank space to the left, there are plans for that space, there just not ready yet. Just wanted to get this bit up and away.

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