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Another Filler
January 18th, 2016

Another Filler by Chase-san

Well hello there folks. I decided a 4 years was enough and that a little content was needed here at tfsnewworld. It’s been so long I had forgotten my password, boy oh boy.

Still no sign of Tolka, that 2 weeks he promised back in 2010 is looking a bit stretched. I assume he just got bored of the comic or had other troubles.

That being said, I won’t be taking over the comic. I still get backups for the site, and try and make sure it doesn’t blow up. On the plus side that is super easy, all my anti-spam measures I implemented forever ago seem to have worked, since there isn’t tons of spam on the comments or on the forums.

This could very well be the last content ever posted here.

But if this does raise Tolka from the dead, maybe I can convince him to do a little farewell for the comics. Unless he just resumes updating, in which case, yay!


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    Gungrave says:

    This was a fun comic to read, not sure why I kept it in my active comic bookmarks all this time (a bit of a shock as I open all the sites in that folder and I didnt expect to see a update here). I suppose I always hoped that he would come back. Spiderweb seemed like it was going to be really good. Good luck Chase, and good luck Tolka if you are still alive somewhere.

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