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March 3rd, 2012

Fill In by Chase-san

This is a somewhat shorter then usual image, and for that I am sorry.

I decided to ask for anyone interested to come help out.

I am unsure when or if Tolka will continue to update and hope to see if I can get things back to something of normal.

Basically you can draw fillers or short segments and get them posted here.

You are by no means limited to one entry, you can do an arc if you like. I don’t expect anyone to want to draw an arc though, considering how slow it is here at the moment!

I have no rights over the official storyline so as much as I would ‘like’ to see that continued, it is not my call to make.

But, mostly want some activity here, and I cannot do it myself.

So please, all cute bunnys, erm artists, please. If you like TFSNEWWORLD, I ask that you help out in this time of need.

So I hope that some of you (that still exist), will see my plea and answer it.

Thankyou again,


Discussion (15)¬

  1. avatar
    torsoboy says:

    …i should have taken an art class when i had the chance

  2. avatar
    CC says:

    2 years and still waiting for that commission too!

    Thanks for opening up the possibility of fillers. My art is… Terrible though. Your art is still good.

  3. avatar
    Chase-san says:

    Tolka owes you a commish?

  4. avatar
    CC says:

    Yeah Tolka owes me quite a few but all my E-mails are ignored. It’s actually broken my heart to tell the truth.

  5. avatar
    centkin says:

    I think your art is more than sufficient — I nominate Chase.

  6. avatar
    Alfred says:

    Thanks for the update.

  7. avatar
    torsoboy says:

    i agree, Chase you should really give it a try. The best way to get better is to do it. And all of us are horrible so if any one gives you crap their just jealous.

  8. avatar
    Chase-san says:

    If Tolka owes you commission that you already payed for, I will do what I can to flag him down.

    Just send me an e-mail: chasesan AT gmail DOT com

    The first doodle is uncharacteristically good for me, the rest is about average. I do like the bunny though.

    I have never really done much comic wise and would have to brush up on the format. Then there is the problem of… what the heck would I draw/do?

  9. avatar
    ledja says:

    I have some comics I drew a few years ago that you could use. About 17 of them, I think. Where do you need them sent?

  10. avatar
    Chase-san says:

    Just e-mail me a link or them. It’s above.

  11. avatar
    centkin says:

    The first doodle actually shows a talent for it — it is quite good… Most people build their art over years — If you did this for even 6 months the first doodle would become your typical. The squirrel shows a pretty good knowledge of the anatomy etc and is realistically done. And the bunny and hand arent bad at all. The only weak drawing was the one done specificially — the fail one.

    I will put it this way — it takes me HOURS to make something the equivalent of just one of your doodles — but then again I do not have any talent for art.


    As for what to draw — that is a completely different question than looking for artists — If you can field art of the level of your doodles consistantly then you are more looking for script than for art.

  12. avatar

    I could easily come up with a page once a month for filler purposes. Although, there are a couple of ways we can do this. Depending on complexity of characters and number of panels I might need a colorist and a good editor. for instance a Single panel takes less effort than three panels. however that also reduces the number of piece work objects within the frame.

    Also, if I had a colorist (even one specializing in flat color) It would greatly increase the frequency of updates. Maybe two comics a month. Keep in mind I have other responsibilities and I am capable of updating daily, I choose not to.

    Oh, by the way, I have a degree in visual media. I know how to use photoshop, and I have self published three graphic novels if that helps with the selection process. Sadly, I’ve completely forgotten the story of spider webs and New World at this point so I’d have to read over the comics again to do anything on a hardcore level.

    I have my own Ideas for several unrelated comics, but for fillers I can cook something up easily enough. I’ve made several for other comics in the past.

  13. avatar
    Chase-san says:

    There is no selection process, anyone who wants to I will make room for, within reason.

    Drop me a line at my e-mail.

  14. avatar
    Awaj says:

    I’m going to have to refuse… it’d be really sad stuff made out of stick figures…

  15. avatar
    Slimecat says:

    I still want to do it, I just need to re arrange my priorities a bit.

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