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next page timetable by Tolka

a few things today,  first.    the next page will be up Friday.    second, I will be streaming tonight around 9:00 est, but over at justin tv,  over at  since,  well ustreams advertisement setup was just pissing me off.  I’ll update the streaming page with the right links sooner or latter.


thirdly,  I’ve been experimenting lately with some attempts at game reviews.   so I decided to just go ahead an do it.  this is my second attempt at a review ever basically,  so bear that in mind and let me know what you think.


Discussion (2)¬

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    GungraveNZ says:

    The good.

    You have a good clear voice. I didn’t hear any “umms” or “ahhs”. You covered the main points pretty well (art, game play, music, etc) (then again I wouldn’t know until I play the game). I liked the opening with you drawing.

    The bad.

    I think you should of muted or lowered the sound in the game at some points – It was kind of distracting hearing the narrator and you at the same time.

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    Tolka says:

    good feedback. I agree about the narrator fighting with me. I’ll bear that in mind in future videos.

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