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sorry about the gap. by Tolka

I was occupied Friday,  and this weekend between the heat and general blahness (mind cold I think), I haven’t been able focus on plaything let alone editing and finishing comics.

honestly,  I hate summer.   to warm.     I think it’s the leading cause of me going on hiatus.    it just sucks the motivation out of me.  I’ll take winter anyday.  shoveling may be annoying and all the ice make walking extra annoying.  but at least I can think properly.     fall is my favorite season.  great colors.


oh,  side note.  stream will be Wednesday this week.


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    Awaj says:

    2 things. the first is there is a strange thing going on with comments for me… I don’t know if it’s for everyone, or if it’s something on my computer…

    The second is that Rome wasn’t built in a day (ect, ect…) so [I might be speaking for everyone here...] I don’t care how long you take (with-in reason) as long as it’s good. take your time

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