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first stream last night went fairly well I think by Tolka

first stream went well, had about 4 people show up. and I drew this guy.

it is supposed to be Malphite from league or legends.    but he is no where near craggy enough.  but it was mostly a quick experimental doodle anyway.    I do need to work on my jagged and more mechanical forms though.      I think this calls for some focus drawings next week.

and then a played a round of league of legends.  which was probably dull as hell to watch.   since I suck at the game and didn’t commentate that much since I’m rusty at that.   ah well.   important thing is it streamed perfectly fine.

anyway, thank you to everyone who showed up,  I will stream again next week either Monday or Wednesday.    except I may switch over to justin tv and give them a try.   the ustream adds although not overly frequent.   are automatically displayed.   and independently volumeed.   they would just start blasting away for everyone,  loudly.   and the audio picking up on teh stream it’s self.      so annoying.

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    aj says:

    MUST buy FORD :p

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    whenwolvescryout says:

    I will try to actually get there on time next stream XD

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