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Video Anouncement Thingy by Tolka

Because I hate having to spell.

Discussion (6)¬

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    Lifeforce says:


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    Tolka says:

    oh yay someone actually watched it :P

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    Yay! Steams again =D

    btw, just what software are you using for that? I’m curious now.

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    Tolka says:

    a program called xsplit it’s in the final phases of beta right now. so it’s free. but not for to much longer. they have some sort of 2 year contracting system for it, if you order now 2 years is either 40 or 60 depending on the package, a lot more if you wait until it’s released.

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    Tolka says:

    no idea if they will keep that pricing scheme. will probably depend on how well it performs.

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    whenwolvescryout says:

    ok, thank you XD I’ll have to look into it.

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