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Lateness partly my fault by Chase-san

Sorry for the lateness of the resuming of the comic. I think its probably mostly my fault, I have been distracting Tolka a great deal recently with other things. So feel free to blame me for this one.

As to what it was I was distracting him with, well the normal, you know. Things like games, talking about storylines, discussing interests, discussing cool stuff I found on the Internet, etc. Basically stuff that takes far more of your time then you realize.

Discussion (3)¬

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    Chase-san says:

    Fixed a site problem though, so -1 + 1 = 0!

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    as long as 2+2 = fish.

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    Dr. Cynic says:

    I propose a lynching! YEAH, Let’s lynch that… random turtle over there. *mob chases turtle*

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