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oogabooga by Tolka

Despite appearances I’m not dead.   Though I might be zombie like…

I should look into that.

I’ve just been hiding,  in shame.

Seriously though, I’ve had a few things to work through and other real life bladebla.  The comics are not dead, per-say.  But they are not exactly alive right now.  I do hope to return to them when I can, but not until I have the time, will, and extensive prep work and buffer, to not fuck it up again.  Which, needless to say, is not the case right now.  Some time in the future sure, but not now.

As for Chase… I’ve been hanging out on skype.  steam I don’t log into unless I need to for something, I hate the idea of being bugged while I’m trying to play a game.   Obviously I can’t list my skype name here, it’s a bit on the don’t need everyone on the site to know it, side.  Other then that… carry on I guess?

Now to get back to hiding.

In shame..

Tolka out.

Discussion (8)¬

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    J. H. says:

    So long as there s life there is hope.

    I will await your return. As frustrating as these hiatuses are, you always come back more skilled than before.

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    dragon writer says:

    i agree, though the lack of other comments are discouraging…

  3. avatar
    GungraveNZ says:

    People write more in the comments for the comic, moving my mouse down here to click on these ones just seems like extra work.

  4. avatar
    Awaj says:

    there’s no reason to be hiding in shame

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    Dusk says:

    long as your health thats what counts ..come back to the comic when you can ..take care and be well

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    Somepersonfromtheinterne says:

    Real life stuff is always more important than this internet stuff. But you really have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to fear regarding your webcomics. You made some cool, weird stuff and noone that enjoyed reading it would complain if you could continue in one way or another. As long as you want to keep making stuff, the fans will still come.

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    FaerieKnight says:

    Hey there, found this recently. But I notice that both comics haven’t updated in a really long time. Will they continue?

    And on a side note, would it be okay if I tried to write a story based on Luna in spiderwebs? The character and storyline so far has been inspiring me.

  8. avatar
    Awaj says:

    FaerieKnight, there are plans to continue, but currently, the artist/writer (Tolka) is overwhelmed, and trying to get caught up and ahead before he posts more of them up. As for getting permission to use his stuff? you might want to try something not as public as here to try and get permission. Possibly email or something like that if you can find it.

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