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Again, no idea by Chase-san

Dead? Alive? Missing? I don’t know.

Really, honestly!

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    Vortsukoto says:

    Sounds like it’s time for… Filler man! The man with the ability to keep websites updating and interest in webcomics during even the longest hiatus!
    Seriously though, if all else fails, find SOMEONE who will make something to post. Make a “Scraps” section or call in a friend to help. Anything that can keep new content on your site at least once a week is good for maintaining readership. “The Wotch” hasn’t had an actual comic in over a year and they’ve been keeping some interest until recently by simply having a pair of guest artists do comics. Just ask for filler and you’ll likely get enough to tide you over until you have you story sorted out.

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    haseo says:

    i can draw stick men making stick men!!! lol im just kidding and i agree

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    BlackRaven says:

    I think haseo has a great idea, this moment of time should totally be given to making stick figure filler content. Imagine it pages upon pages of stick figures. Just one word could describe it all. Totally Awesome

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    dragon writer says:

    That’s two words!

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    haseo says:

    and yet some how i came up with a great idea? sounds like people are getting desperate so someone might as well make some fillers and post them along with a reason for everyone to not hate them or tolka.

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    BlackRaven says:

    yes haseo is right and they should totally be stick figures

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    haseo says:

    omg what have i done? is it the end of the world tolka please answer me!!!

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    Chailt says:

    i know its a horrible suggestion for those who know of this horror but someone find shirt guy dom to do stick figure fillers….. :P

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    haseo says:


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    BlackRaven says:

    YES! Stick figures shall rule the world, muhahaha

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    haseo says:

    i should just start drawing stick figure pics then

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