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part 2
August 30th, 2010

part 2 by Tolka

I meant to do more of these last week…  ah well.  hopefully this week goes better.

I got to spend the whole morning at the secretary of state (dmv place)  yay for slow, disinterested service!

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    I don’t recall 103 being a number set fourth for anything special.

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    Alfred says:

    From the May 21st comments

    GungraveNZ says: June 25, 2010 at 8:10 pm
    Aha I got the 103rd comment, now all your base are belongs to us.

    And your shiny pennys too.
    rockstarajw says: June 20, 2010 at 11:14 am
    How bout a game? o.0 see how many comments we can create! I think we can make it to 103!

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    GungraveNZ says:

    Still I just got the 103 post

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    AWAJ says:

    wait a second!!! the “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” came from a song?

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    Chailt says:

    @AWAJ The songs name is Closing Time by Semisonic

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    The One Guy says:

    No comments for two days? We can’t have that! Here! *Tosses a bunch of pennies all over the place in hopes of kickstarting the conversation back up.*

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    Alfred says:

    how about finishing the bottles of cans song?

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    AJ says:

    umm… i lost count.. look… 999 bottles of cans on the wall!
    takes one down, looks inside and gets a cartoon boom…
    must have been bad…

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    Alfred says:

    998 bottles of cans on the wall, takes one down, looks inside and it is a celabratioin of shinny pennys, A&W root beer, reviews of comics and music
    and the periodic surplus of colonels

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    I withdraw my prize on the grounds I will not be participating in the discussion any longer… if you want to complain about it, give me five stars and post something to my webcomic I’m almost out of back-pages and in ta month or so I might have to start updating again.

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    AWAJ says:

    997 bottles of cans on the wall… opens up the can, looks inside the bottle to find a miniature black hole… throws it against the wall and watches as 995 bottles of cans get sucked into it before it vanishes

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    The One Guy says:

    1 bottle of can on the wall, one bottle of can, takes it down, tosses it in the air, shatters it with a crossbow, and watches it break into 79 pieces, each piece becoming a new bottle of can an settling back on the wall, 79 bottles of cans o the wall.

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    rockstarajw says:

    ………..o.0 *watches bottles with some interest, but does nothing*

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    AWAJ says:

    I can live with 89 bottles of cans on the wall… at least they fit on the wall (except we are in the digital space and the wall is infinitely big (or at least as big as we can have it programed…))

    /me takes a bottle down, opens it up, and magically pulls out the can, drinks some strange tasting liquid from it, and gets the ability to jump very high… 78 bottles of cans on the wall

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    AJ says:

    really.. 10 bottles? i take one down, look inside, see a giant pot o gold…me is happy… why are more cans spawning? 79…wait..80….81….82…83….84…85.. ah. more cans on the wall

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    Sheltem says:

    Bott on the forums! speaking of which HOW did a bott get registered in the forums…

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    Alfred says:

    which forums? maybe, somebody registered it for the bott manually/ is that possible?

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    haseo says:

    well this is just boring i mean why is ALL of my favorite web comics on haitus?

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    In my case it’s not lack of ambition… then again I’m no one’s favorite because people still judge my art for what I made 8 years ago. without looking at what I made six years ago or five. as soon as I’m finished uploading back pages I’ll have to fix that.

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    AWAJ says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t count… you can’t just add cans on the wall either, instantaneous spontaneity is a horrible theory of how we came to be (I’m talking about the theory that the universe just spawned the way it is by chance with out rhyme or reason…)

    /me watches as the cans go back to where it should be at 78….

    /me takes one down, opens it up tests it, upon getting safe results, drinks it to get laser vision which is promptly used on 5 bottles for target practice before his eyes start to hurt and then goes to bed…

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    AJ says:

    /me watches as more cans start growing on the wall….

    really? I count 100 cans, takes on down, passes it around, everyone feels so happy… 99 bottles of cans on the wall…

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    Alfred says:

    99 cans, takes one down, passes it around, when Tolka reads the comments, will he join in the song? 98 bottles of cans on the wall

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    The One Guy says:

    *examines wall and finds a control panel. Fiddles with dials, and finally smashes the panel so the settings can’t be changed and steps back, happy to see 76 bottles of cans on the wall. Then proceeds to snatch one and pass it around*
    75 bottles of cans on the wall.

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    gravity isn’t real.

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    AWAJ says:

    I’m not alone in wanting to end this song!!!!!!

    /me takes a bottled can down feeds it to his pet dog who goes on a rampage taking one of AJ’s arms, and 3 bottles with it… 72 bottles of cans on the wall

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    AJ says:

    hmm?… starts counting cans on the wall…
    i count…720 cans…
    takes 120 down, passes some around keeps others, and spits fire at dyslexic jawa.

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    Alfred says:

    600 bottles of cans on the wall collect the VAT tax, 60 bottles of cans on the wall takes one down, passes it to gungraveNZ as the reward for the 103 post, 59 bottles of cans on the wall

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    AWAJ says:

    59 bottles of cans on the wall, takes 10 down, passes them to the refinery and gets a weapon, waves it around, stabs AJ while he is trying to spit fire at a jawa… 49 bottles of cans on the wall

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    The One Guy says:

    59 bottles of cans on the wall, 59 bottles of cans, takes 2 or 3 down, passes them around 56 or 57 Schrödinger’s bottles of cans on the wall. Also gives a Spitfire plane to a wookiee.

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    AJ says:

    puts 10 cans on the wall, puts ten cans on the wall, takes one down, looks inside, finds 5 more cans, puts them on the wall, 71 or 72 bottles of cans on the wall!

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    haseo says:

    takes all the can off the wall, takes the cans off the wall, takes them to the recycling center gets the money and gives it to tolkala and say make a new update!!! no more cans on the wall… *tears down wall and burns it and then burys it…

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    I win I win I win I win !!! YAY last poster standing. I would like to thank the little pokemons I used to accomplish this great feat of awesomeness… especially pikaCHUUUUUUUUUUU

    *Gabrielsthoughts is zapped by pikachu.

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    it was highly effective

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    super effective. argh

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    rockstarajw says:

    when describing this comic (at the current moment at least) I can’t help but quote tolka “slow disinterested service”

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    If you’re bored, read my comic. It’s awesome

    There now Tolka will have to update or people will have to start talking because otherwise I’m going this opportunity to advertise like there’s no tommorrow. Muah ha ha!

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    AWAJ says:

    or both to talking and posting, but not advertising…

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    haseo says:

    *starts a stickman making battle*

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    Alfred says:

    Well on of the suggestions here on comics, led me to avallanth, daily updates, a writer and a fan convention are summoned by the writer’s creations, to question the wirter on his hack writing.

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    Avarice… yes that’s the word I’m looking for, I’m not a narcissist at all. I just suffer from avarice. now that that has been cleared up give me $2000 and I’ll start a fancomic for Spiderwebs. I can’t garuntee more than 30 pages, but I’m sure I can maintain weekly updates for a short period of time.

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    AWAJ says:

    and you want us to give you 2k? why not just give tolka the cash and he can do about 400 pages as commissions…

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    Really, I could have sworn it was like $75 per page so we’re talking 27 pages vs. 30

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    AWAJ says:

    I was kind of counting one page of comics as one commissions… since Tolka has been wanting to put it out anyways, I thought that was a steal…

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    Purohueso says:

    Not good…, no comments in 3 weeks?, :S

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    Purohueso says:

    I forgot to add a certain phrase…

    Cooo-oooo-oombo breaker!

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    sajitory says:

    keep making more

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    Tinman says:

    Hope you resume posting at some point… I like the idea here.

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    sajitory says:

    cmon continue this series soon

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    Erspa says:

  50. avatar
    kalad says:

    Might I query if there’s any hope of Spiderwebs returning?

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