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try counting sheep?
February 1st, 2010

try counting sheep? by Tolka

another Monday, another page.

thank you to everyone who has donated so far,  it’s looking promising.  I should start planing some new world comics :)

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    Xel The Author says:

    That’s a good question Luna… Where does Bax sleep? Where indeed?

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    Dravkwn says:

    I was thinking that they don’t sleep.

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    Vip says:

    This is interesting, if Luna is now a moon sprite, it would explain why she can’t sleep at nights, since moon sprites would be nocturnal. The bigger question though is do fey sleep at all? Where does baxter sleep anyway? What if he doesn’t? What if Luna doesn’t? That way she can be up through the day, go to school, and then do spritely things at night. As for baxter, he is probably up and about hunting for socks for whatever sinister purpose. :D D

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    Vip says:

    BTW, did anyone notice the spell book appear on the bed? Selena’s doing. ;)

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    Riniko says:

    Don’t care what species you are, that is one thing that will put anything to sleep. A school textbook. Just opening the boring thing has been enough to put me out in the past.

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    sandman says:

    I can’t wait for new world to come back.And it must have been Selena that made the book appear.

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    nothingsp says:

    I think Luna’s going to have another eight-plus hours of free time in the future…

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    Nikkou says:

    I know what she can do to make herself sleepy. She could spread her fingers, just between her middle and ring fingers, and say, “live long and prosper,” over and over again. ;p

    I would also like for New World to come back. Here’s hoping.

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    J. H, says:

    I t5hink that book is the book on Moon Sprites Selena gave the subject. It shoul;d have a frequently asked Question Section on matters like sleep patterns.

  10. avatar
    sandman says:

    Something like”So you’ve suddenly become a Moon Sprite and things you should know and expect to happen.”

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    LockeZ says:

    With everything that happened today, most people would still be pretty wired from adrenaline, and have a head crowded full of thoughts and questions.

    Either that, or she normally sleeps face-down, and just can’t seem to get comfortable in this new body for some reason…

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    dragon writer says:

    It could be selina – or it could have just finally come back from “forgotten space” where Tolka keeps storing it.

    He’s a great artist, but we were told before that’s where he’d stuffed the thing, and there’s no reason to think it hasn’t simply been conveniently left there on the excuse of being somewhere in the girl’s house up to now.

  13. avatar
    dragon writer says:

    Oh, and i suspect there’s a lack of need to sleep going on, much like everyone else. :P

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    Vip says:

    Well, if you think about it, Luna is behind the others when it comes to a magical education. So she would need the extra 8 hours to learn magic, because lets face it, it doesn’t seem with school and hijinks of the young witches that there would ever be time for Luna to learn magic. It seems magic is something the witches have taught themselves.

  15. avatar
    Slimecat says:


    I’d suggest a 32 oz mountain dew, once the effects of the caffeine wears of she will definitely be out of it for a while

  16. avatar
    Vip says:

    BTW, part of the deal between Luna and Selena is that Luna gains magic, so maybe Selena has to enforce magic lesson to keep her end. :D

  17. avatar
    Xel The Author says:

    I’m s happy the Comic War pic has been updated. :)

    Luna gettin’ forced to learn I can see comin’

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