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September 14th, 2009

replaced by Tolka

Only slightly late here.   one more mopey Luna page   things are about to get interesting.

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    Sachi says:

    Funny how some people would be totally bummed out about it while others would be jumping for joy. I would be so happy if something like this happened.

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    nothingsp says:

    Aw, cheer up, Luna! This is just part of the package, it has no reflection on your importance! Besides, you were such an adorable little girl!

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    vip says:

    nice chapter, but burn the Playgirl magazine quickly!

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    The One Guy says:

    Great, now we can be almost certain the video games have been replaced or changed. *cries*

    Well this is an interesting mystery, when it was just clothes (with price tags no less), a few items, and even the dad’s memory, it could be explained away, but to alter everything (possibly even history itself), magic as described shouldn’t be able to do all this, and yet it somehow has (and I’m a bit more inclined to believe Dojji’s theory two pages back may hold some weight).

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    vip says:

    I’m more inclined to believe that Luna’s past has been changed. Looking at the little girl pic, she has elven ears even as a little girl. So perhaps a little time travel, and one of Selena’s fae or Selena herself could’ve replaced the mother. in fact, the dad might not be divorced anymore.

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    J. H. says:

    Like the mirror effect in panel one. I would think the pantie would be more off putting than the bras, but that may just be me.

    Panel three reminds me why I like you so much as an artist. So many comics never show characters outside standard poses, and you not only do it, but you do it well!

    Burn the girl porn!

    I am still inclined towards mass magical cover up rather than reality change. But I do sort of wish it was reality change, little Luna is just too cute to not have exisated at all. The grin is great, hope to see Luna smiling sometime in the future.

    I think the second picture is the dad trying to get a sad Luna to smile.

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    RXQ says:

    little luna had pants….

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    String Petoun Ping says:

    It’s indeed weird that she doesn’t have any pant in her whole wardrobe. Selena must have a really traditional way to see woman. The changed porn stash is a classic.

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    LockeZ says:

    My theory right now is still that the girls were right about the contrainsts of Selena’s magic. The photos were able to be changed because Selena is just really good at photoshop.

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    LockeZ says:

    Oh, Tolka, you misspelled “later” as “latter” in panel 5.

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    shadowcrawler says:

    Good update Tolka. I also like the little Luna smile. I think agree with dojjis theory as well. I am interested to see how Tolka develops this.

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    Great Sage says:

    I like how in that last panel you have a small picture of Luna within a huge featureless panel to emphasis how alone and troubled she feels – nice!

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    Stealthfox says:

    You know what I think? That Luna’s previous life was the lie, and this is the true one…

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    Nina888 says:

    well it’s a very bad deal if the Luna’s Magic is to be a girl who have her reality altered .^^

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    Just before burning his…her new stash of “pr0n” Luke…er Lucy was just curious enough to sneak a peek and that is how he…she immediately went blind.

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    Great Sage says:

    Her name is Luna not Lucy – otherwise – LOL – very much LOL

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    Mil says:

    String Petoun Ping, I don’t think that Selena has a particularly traditional view of women so much as she didnt give Luna any pants so she would have to get used to skirts and dresses. She could still buy them, but she’ll have to deal with skirts for at least a little while before she can bring herself to go shopping in the womens section, and that will hopefully be enough to at least keep her from avoiding them for life.

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    Kanzie says:

    Luna might even start to like shopping – after she had tried every pair of pants in the men’s section and found nothing fits

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    J. H. says:

    Little Luna has a mischevious grin. Fitting for a fae hybrid. It makes me think she had something behind her back. Also I revise my earlier statement on the second picture. That could well just be a tired Luna.

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    tolka says:

    sorry that there is no new page yet. I’m working on it and hope to have it up tonight.

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    busy says:

    Thanks for the notification. No worries about the delay Tolka! As long as you keep us (your fans) informed, which you did above. Of course, we are still looking forward to see what happens in the next cartoon.

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    some guy says:

    back eh? email needed now

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    Great Sage says:

    Regarding that second picture – could it possibly be one from when her mother died? assuming she still has a human mother – or are we going with Selena is her new mommy?

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    J. H. says:

    Hmm, perhaps. But why would they have taken a picture of that sad occassion and why would Luna keep it in her room?

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    dopplerdee says:

    becase that day was most likely importent

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    Great Sage says:

    Exactly! thank you dopplerdee.
    I can almost hear the conversation.

    daddy: Come on Luna Sweetie, smile for the camera
    Luna: Don’wanna,

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