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Another Filler
January 18th, 2016

Another Filler by Chase-san

Well hello there folks. I decided a 4 years was enough and that a little content was needed here at tfsnewworld. It’s been so long I had forgotten my password, boy oh boy.

Still no sign of Tolka, that 2 weeks he promised back in 2010 is looking a bit stretched. I assume he just got bored of the comic or had other troubles.

That being said, I won’t be taking over the comic. I still get backups for the site, and try and make sure it doesn’t blow up. On the plus side that is super easy, all my anti-spam measures I implemented forever ago seem to have worked, since there isn’t tons of spam on the comments or on the forums.

This could very well be the last content ever posted here.

But if this does raise Tolka from the dead, maybe I can convince him to do a little farewell for the comics. Unless he just resumes updating, in which case, yay!

well, fun. site got hacked. by Tolka


fortunelty it looks like all they did was swap the index page.  not sure how they did it though…..

changed passwords and such that I could, slightly worried I must admit.



since I’m posting this anyway may as well say,  sorry I haven’t been around.  been busy with a rather larger project,  don’t have the time and focus to do comics in any sense of quality right now.


Not sure what happened by Chase-san


Somehow the index page got blasted. Not sure who did it, but fixing it for now.

next page timetable by Tolka


a few things today,  first.    the next page will be up Friday.    second, I will be streaming tonight around 9:00 est, but over at justin tv,  over at  since,  well ustreams advertisement setup was just pissing me off.  I’ll update the streaming page with the right links sooner or latter.


thirdly,  I’ve been experimenting lately with some attempts at game reviews.   so I decided to just go ahead an do it.  this is my second attempt at a review ever basically,  so bear that in mind and let me know what you think.


sorry about the gap. by Tolka


I was occupied Friday,  and this weekend between the heat and general blahness (mind cold I think), I haven’t been able focus on plaything let alone editing and finishing comics.

honestly,  I hate summer.   to warm.     I think it’s the leading cause of me going on hiatus.    it just sucks the motivation out of me.  I’ll take winter anyday.  shoveling may be annoying and all the ice make walking extra annoying.  but at least I can think properly.     fall is my favorite season.  great colors.


oh,  side note.  stream will be Wednesday this week.

first stream last night went fairly well I think by Tolka


first stream went well, had about 4 people show up. and I drew this guy.

it is supposed to be Malphite from league or legends.    but he is no where near craggy enough.  but it was mostly a quick experimental doodle anyway.    I do need to work on my jagged and more mechanical forms though.      I think this calls for some focus drawings next week.

and then a played a round of league of legends.  which was probably dull as hell to watch.   since I suck at the game and didn’t commentate that much since I’m rusty at that.   ah well.   important thing is it streamed perfectly fine.

anyway, thank you to everyone who showed up,  I will stream again next week either Monday or Wednesday.    except I may switch over to justin tv and give them a try.   the ustream adds although not overly frequent.   are automatically displayed.   and independently volumeed.   they would just start blasting away for everyone,  loudly.   and the audio picking up on teh stream it’s self.      so annoying.

Video Anouncement Thingy by Tolka


Because I hate having to spell.

Lateness partly my fault by Chase-san


Sorry for the lateness of the resuming of the comic. I think its probably mostly my fault, I have been distracting Tolka a great deal recently with other things. So feel free to blame me for this one.

As to what it was I was distracting him with, well the normal, you know. Things like games, talking about storylines, discussing interests, discussing cool stuff I found on the Internet, etc. Basically stuff that takes far more of your time then you realize.

pushiing old news down with art. by Tolka


well, now that the conic is up and running a few weeks now and holding.  the old news is now… old.  so here is some random art.

basically, I’m doing some form studies by finding photos with interesting posses or body types that I want to work on,   and I’m doing a bit of tracing and a bit of editing and a lot of eyeballing,  to make a good cartoon version of it while focusing on the correct proportions, rhythms, and silhouettes of posses and the like.   also playing with some shading effects and line effects changing hair and clothing around ect ect.   it’s good practice at any rate, and I’m doing one every day or two.

oogabooga by Tolka


Despite appearances I’m not dead.   Though I might be zombie like…

I should look into that.

I’ve just been hiding,  in shame.

Seriously though, I’ve had a few things to work through and other real life bladebla.  The comics are not dead, per-say.  But they are not exactly alive right now.  I do hope to return to them when I can, but not until I have the time, will, and extensive prep work and buffer, to not fuck it up again.  Which, needless to say, is not the case right now.  Some time in the future sure, but not now.

As for Chase… I’ve been hanging out on skype.  steam I don’t log into unless I need to for something, I hate the idea of being bugged while I’m trying to play a game.   Obviously I can’t list my skype name here, it’s a bit on the don’t need everyone on the site to know it, side.  Other then that… carry on I guess?

Now to get back to hiding.

In shame..

Tolka out.

Again, no idea by Chase-san


Dead? Alive? Missing? I don’t know.

Really, honestly!

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